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The online reputation management is a serious and permanent work not only reverses ``bad images`` of a brand but also implements actions to prevent future negatively affecting the perception of a brand.


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Online Reputation Management and Building trust with Limra IT Solutions

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a big bite for any professional. An online reputation is the image of your online business. Small, medium and large business owners often need a professional team to make a special effort to improve their online reputation.

“Building a corporate reputation is already happening entirely on the Internet. Your employees and partners are online, your customers, even potential ones, are also online. Everyone on whom your business depends is now online, and building your online reputation is critical to your business.”

The digital medium has given users a decisive role within the business process. They have a very important voice and express their opinion through social networks, forums and other digital media. That is why we are all subject to online reputation, and of course our brand as well.

At Limra IT Solutions, we carry out the measurement, monitoring and analysis of content and opinions in digital thanks to the advanced technology of our own development, as well as a great human team of data management and interpretation.

How can our ORM specialists help you?

For starters, they will create the company’s social media pages for you, which they will support by writing on a daily basis and will stimulate feedback from your customers. If there are thematic forums in your field of activity, they will create your account and comment on it regularly. The purpose of all this is to make people get to know you and trust you – you and your company. Building good relationships with your customers is essential to your good online reputation.

ormBuilding and managing an online reputation is a complex and dynamic process and in addition to the techniques described, there are a number of other ways to manage it, but it is important to remember that if you want to succeed in your business you must maintain a good online image.

74% of consumers do a Google search before buying a product or service, 64% of them check the reviews and ratings of others before making a purchase. 90% of consumers also trust their friends (90%), unknown Internet users (78%) and brand advertising (16%). These high percentages are the reason why online reputation should be a priority in a company’s strategy.

A positive reputation can increase the number of clients of a company and maintain a profitable business. While a bad reputation can drastically reduce the sales of it and even lead to bankruptcy. In the digital world, we live in, proper online brand management has become essential.

reviewOnline Reputation Management (ORM) for People

A person’s name is everything. A bad reputation can end the possibilities of new jobs as well as business relationships. Therefore, it is vital that people take care of their image online. We have extensive experience in clearing people’s reputation through innovative techniques that allow only positive results to appear in search engines when someone searches for your name. We have powerful systems capable of modifying search trends and auto-complete engines.


Online Reputation Management (ORM) for Companies

Limra IT Solutions, helping companies with situations of image crisis can help you curb the damage that your business may receive. Call us and we can gladly support you or if you prefer, you can fill out the contact form or send us an instant message via whatsapp. We are convinced that we can give you the best option to solve the situation that your company is going through.

Especially for you, our team will prepare and publish in leading information sites and directories positive PR publications to raise your brand. We will contact active bloggers who are popular on the web to reflect their opinion about your company, company or brand. As a result, the materials and articles published for you will improve your overall online performance and help build your positive online reputation.

Let’s work together and convince you of the power and benefits of this quality service.

To achieve the right results, we must be very patient and diligent.